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Altitude X Series Gas Fireplace

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The Altitude X Series has been designed with the most perfect and aesthetically pleasing aspect ratio of a traditional fireplace. The Altitude X Series comes in two sizes and is equipped with a substantial amount of features or options to help make installation a breeze.


X 36 Shown with Driftwood log set, MIRRO-FLAME X 36 Shown with Oak log set, MIRRO-FLAME X 36 shown with Oak log set, Newport
x 36 shown with driftwood log set mirro flame x 36 shown with oak log set mirro flame x 36 shown with oak log set newport


X 42 shown with Driftwood log set, MIRRO-FLAME X 42 shown with Driftwood log set, Westminster X 42 shown with Oak log set, MIRRO-FLAME
x 42 shown with driftwood log set mirro flame x 42 shown with driftwood log set westminster x 42 shown with oak log set mirro flame


Optional eFIRE Remote App Proflame II System The Silhouette
optional efire remote app
proflame ii system
silhouette vent terminal 



  • Altitude X 36 (AX36) - 36,500 BTU's and Altitude X 42 (AX42) - 38,000 BTU's
  • Exclusive NIGHT LIGHT included
  • Clean face design with full firebox flame
  • Ultra low profile direct vent SilhouetteTM Terminal available
  • Four Ultra HD Premium log set options include: Driftwood, Oak, Birch and Maple
  • Zen front available in both Charcoal and Black
  • Whitney and Denali premium fronts available with three accent color options
  • Finishing trim available in Charcoal, Black, Gunmetal and Copper
  • Six decorative brick kits include MIRRO-FLAME Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, Westminster Standard and Herringbone, Newport Standard, Old Town Red Standard and Herringbone
  • eFIRE Remote App - total control of your fireplace from your mobile device
  • Heat circulating blower with variable speed for increased comfort
  • Optional AMBIENT-GLOW metal fibers are designed to enhance the glowing embers on gas fires

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