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The Silouhette

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The Silouhette

The Silhouette fireplace door ensures a minimum frame and a maximum flame.

A delicate 1" rounded frame draws a fine line of style around your fireplace..

Can be mounted as "inside" or "overlap fit. Design Specialties also offers a unique "Cutback" design that is the ultimate, sleek frame style.

Shown: Silhouette full frame in Antique Brass

The Silhouette is available in three different types of fit:

  • Overlap – the entire frame is outside of the fireplace opening
  • Inside fit – the entire frame is within the fireplace opening
  • Cutback fit – this is a combination of an overlap and inside fit; the frame recesses into the opening so it does not protrude into the room as much as an overlap fit; it also recesses into the opening more but still has a slight overlap, unlike an inside fit which is entirely in the opening

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