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Portrait Ledge

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Dimensions/Specifications - Portrait Ledge

Model: 530ILN/530IRN

  • Fuel: NG
  • Max Input BTU/hr: 20,500
  • Min Input BTU/hr: 6500
  • Fan Option: Yes
  • EnerGuide Rating (FE): 69%
  • Max. Output (w/out fan) BTU/hr: 15,250
  • Product Dimensions: 31.125"W x 30"H x 14.75"D
  • Framing Dimensions: 22.5"W x 30.25"H x 12.75"D

Model: 530ILP/530IRP

  • Fuel: LP
  • Max Input BTU/hr: 19,000
  • Min Input BTU/hr: 12,500
  • Fan Option: Yes
  • EnerGuide Rating (FE): 68.3%
  • Max. Output (w/out fan) BTU/hr: 14,160
  • Product Dimensions: 31.125"W x 30"H x 14.75"D
  • Framing Dimensions: 22.5"W x 30.25"H x 12.75"D


    • Conversion Kit - NG to LPG
    • Circulating Fan Kit (variable speed, thermally activated)
    • Co-linear Adapter - converts co-axial vent to two 3" vent liners
    • Firebox Grille Panel - Roof Panel - Standard with Ledge Front
    • Rock Set Conversion Kit (includes brick liner)
    • Co-linear Terminal - chimney liner termination cap
    • Square Flashing Kit for 559CLT (masonry applications)
    • Enamel Black Liner
    • Vent Adapter - Black, Simpson Dura-Vent
    • Terminal Guard
    • Wall Switch Kit - Standard with Ledge Front
    • GV60 Power Adapter Kit

    Balancing seamless design with a crisp profile, the Portrait Ledge by Valor features a beautiful collection of three complementary finishes. Available in black, brushed nickel and artisan patina, the Ledge is the latest addition to the highly successful Portrait Series Gas Fireplace family.

    With minimal impact on actual floor space, the Ledge is ideal for kitchens, dens, lofts & other small spaces. Unobtrusive in style, the Ledge evokes quiet confidence with a perfect execution of contemporary design and will be a stunning addition to your Fireplace collection.


    • Programmable remote ValorStat Plus system - cruise control for your fireplace.
    • Modulating fire turns down an incredible 70% for steady even heat.
    • Heats without electricity - operates during a power outage.
    • Heats without the need for a fan.
    • Direct vent installs practically anywhere you want.
    • Rear vent out most above grade, exterior walls with no visible vent pipe.
    • Conventional vent to install on any approved existing chimney system.
    • Co-linear vent to install into existing chimney systems.
    • Choice of either log or rock effect fire (not compatible with coal).
    • Ceramic glass window.
    • Authentic looking firebrick liner, available in black fluted or red.
    • Primary and secondary heat exchangers
    • Aluminized firebox and stainless  steel burners for long life.
    • ValorComfort - limited lifetime warranty program.


    • Ledge Finishes
      • Patina Artisan Finish
        • Individually hand finished, each Patina Ledge Front undergoes a series of hand applied artisan treatments. The end result - a unique finish that is like no other, reflecting the ever changing light and ambiance of your room.
      • Brushed Nickel
      • Black

    Sample Prices (Base + Options)

    Ledge (530 Engine + 569LFB Fascia Kit - Black) - 2325.00 USD

    Ledge w/ Finishing Plate (530 Engine + 569LFN Fascia Kit - Nickel + 570FPB Finishing Plate) - 2844.00 USD

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