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Charred Series Royal English Oak

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Gazing at the Real Fyre Vented Charred Royal English Oak Gas Logs is an experience. Be proud to gather your family around this beautifully realistic gas log set, and convey a sense of nature and tradition in your indoor living space. This realistic log set has the look and feel of a wood-burning fire, but you will never have to touch a dirty fireplace poker or run out of firewood again. Far more environmentally sustainable than traditional wood-burning fires, you will be able to enjoy a blazing fire every night without touching another log.

Made with fiber-reinforced refractory ceramic, each Royal English Gas Log features steel rods running through the center for added strength. Each log is hand-painted by skilled artisans with real wood pieces used as reference. These logs are designed to be used exclusively with Real Fyre burner systems. Take the beauty and realism of these logs a step further with the included bag of glowing embers to mimic the look of a long-burning fire.

Charred Royal English Oak Gas Logs Burner Compatibility:

  • 18/20", 24", and 30" are compatible with GX4, GX45, and G31 burners.
  • 36" logs are compatible with G4, G45, and G31 burners.
  • 42" logs are compatible with G4 and G45 burners.


  • Compatible with Real Fyre Burners Only
  • Use with Heavy Duty Grate is Recommended
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Features an Incredible Lifetime Warranty
  • Hand-Painted for Added Realism
  • Realistic Charred Oak Finish
  • Crafted from Fiber-Reinforced Refractory Ceramic with Steel Rods for Extra Support
  • Hand-Crafted from Real Wood Samples
  • Log Set Includes an Ember Screen and Glowing Embers
  • Burner System is Sold Separately

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