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Evening Campfire Vented Gas Log Set (Logs Only)

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This gas logs displayed by The Fireplace Element is available in the following burner styles: F, FX(shown), Custom Sand

SIZES: 20", 24", 30"

Add ECCHNK accessory to make larger sized sets with greater burned-out effect.

The Rasmussen Evening Campfire Vented Gas Log Set (EC) features gnarled driftwood with char marks. The two piece split front log will allow flames to come through fully, for a brighter more realistic look. Lower profile good for standard factory-built and larger fireplaces.

Requires Hearth Kit and Safety Pilot Kit (where required or desired) to make a complete set.

Rasmussen uses real pieces of wood to develop its log patterns and a painstaking molding process to reproduce the finest detail. Rasmussen logs are of the Ceramic Bonded Refractory Concrete type. Rasmussen uses a high-heat resistant, high-alumina refractory cement with a maximum temperature rating of over 2300 degrees F, lightweight expanded shale aggregates and rigid steel rod reinforcing for strength and durability. All of Rasmussen’s logs are hand colored with a multi-step (up to six colors) process utilizing environmentally-friendly non-paint-based ceramic colorations, which remain colorfast under fire, and which do not create any odor when burned.

The Vented Log Sets are for use in fully functioning wood-burning fireplaces with the damper wide open. Glass doors must be open when burning for proper ventilation, proper combustion and cooling of safety control valves.

This log set allows you to customize the look of the burning logs by selecting from multiple burners and ignitions.

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