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NPS45 Pellet Stove

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The NPS45 stove concentrates Napoleon’s superior pellet performance with the convenience of complete automation. The NPS45 pellet stove features a purge cycle which automatically cleans the burn pot of its residue at ignition, shutdown and every 60 minutes, reducing dramatically the frequency of cleaning cycles.

NPS45 pellet stove's Napoleon® Exclusive Features

  • For maximum safety and comfort, the NPS45 stove permits convection blower adjustments, no matter what the BTU heat power setting is at
  • As a safety feature, the stove's flashing light warns you when fuel is expended
  • A refined-tuning adjustment allows modification of combustion air and/or pellet feed rate to the burn pot in order to compensate for poor quality pellets and/or venting variances
  • The NPS45 stove's purge cycle (at ignition, shutdown and every 60 minutes) cleans the burn pot of its residue depositis it in the ash pan
  • Reaches from 8,000 to 40,000 BTU's in heat power (may vary depending on pellet quality)
  • The Pellet stove's ash pan is concealed though offers large capacity
  • The FAILSAFE™ auto ignitor and auger technology enables you to fire-start quickly and easily
  • This pellet stove benefits from a large 55 lb, easy-to-load hopper for up to 55 hours of continuous, comfortable operation (55lb capacity allows for a full 40lb bag of pellets to be added while 15lbs still remain in the hopper, eliminating the inconvenience of partial bags)
  • The stove's control panel is automated and easy to access
  • This stove features 3" or 4" pellet vent
  • The NPS45 pellet stove is a Napoleon® Go Green environmental friendly product as pellet fuel is a renewable resource
  • The NPS45 bedrooms, bathrooms, bed sitting rooms and mobile homes certified
  • Backed by the President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

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