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38" H-Series

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Dimensions/Specifics - H38DF (all models)

  • Width: 37.75"
  • Height: 36.5"
  • Depth: 18.5"
  • Framing Dimensions: 37.75"W x 42.5"H x 21.125"D
  • Glass Door Size: 35.25"W x 25"H

Fireplace BTU/H Input:

  • H38DF (Traditional Logs): 26,000 NG, 26,000 LP
  • HR38DF (River Rocks): 26,000 NG, N/A LP
  • HL38DF (Glass Beads): 25,000 NG, 25,000 LP
  • HW38DF (Premium Logset): 34,000 NG, 30,000 LP

The 38" H-Series Direct Vent Fireplace is a modern Fireplace from the Montigo H38-Series. With a sleek and elegant design, this unit will greatly enhance our home decor. This fireplace is available in four different models, each with a unique burning display.

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38" H38-Series Models

  • H38DF: Traditional Logs
  • HR38DF: Designer River Rocks
  • HL38DF: Linear Burner with Glass Beads
  • HW38DF: Premium Logset


  • Large viewing areas for a full view of the spectacular fire
  • Flush or Clean-Face Design allows for brick or tile installation over the fireplace frame
  • Convertible using Top vent or Side vent
  • Snap-Lock door system for tool free access
  • 100% fail-safe shut off valve on all models


  • Ignition options allow for Hi/Lo control for adjusting flame level and battery backup
  • Wireless remote control
  • A choice from 4 burner accessory styles: Traditional Logset (Model # H38DF), River Rocks (Model # HR38DF), Linear Contemporary with Glass Beads (Model # HL38DF), Premium Logset (Model # HW38DF)
  • Wrought Iron Grate
  • Choose from 3 styles of brick lining
  • 2 Door covers available: Starburst and Arched
  • Safety Door Screen

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