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Small Firefall

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Small Firefall

The Small Firefall is a cozy and contemporary-designed addition to your backyard decor and acts as a firefall and a waterfall. This elegant piece will add a flair of grandeur to any evening spent outdoors. The artistically crafted firefall indeed adds aesthetic appeal to any backyard setting.


  • Comes with water reservoir, PVC piping, a pump
  • Variety of different textures and finishes
  • Assembly is easy and straightforward
  • Customizable gas plumbing included (propane or natural gas)
  • Includes light fixture, bulb and low voltage transformer/timer
  • 24" Linear Burner (Output: 34000 BTUs)

Available textures/finishes:

Heavy Textured Finish (standard)

  • Cafe Blanco
  • Sedona
  • Black Lava
  • Smoke

Sand Finish (additional charge)

  • Canyon
  • Villa
  • Tuscan Slate
  • Silverado

Technical Specs:

  • Fuel type: Natural Gas or Propane
  • Material: Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Steel
  • Total Pieces: 3
  • Height: 50"
  • Width: 46"
  • Depth: 25"
  • Model #: 696-XX-11-V4XC

Optional Burning Display

Pick from Volcanic Stones, Lava Coals, Lava Granules, Fyre Gems, Fyre Glass, or Diamond Fyre Nuggets to customize your Firefall/wall Burning Display!

Volcanic Stones, Lava Coals, Lava Granules


Fyre Glass

  • Size: 40 lb bucket


Fyre Gems

  • Size: 40 lb bucket


Diamond Fyre Nuggets

  • Size: 40 lb bucket


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Small Firefall (water and fire)

Customize Your Small Firefall in 5 easy steps!

Step 1:Choose your Fireplace Color (required)

  • Variety of different textures/finishes available
  • All natural tones
  • Will easily match your decor

Step 2:Choose your Fuel Type (required)

  • Choose between Natural Gas and Liquid Propane
  • Propane includes access door on the side of the fireplace for tank storage

Step 3:Choose Unfinished or Finished backing (required)

  • Firefall with Unfinished backing can sit against wall
  • Firefall with Finished backing has the complete look

Step 4:Choose Log Set (optional)

  • Multiple log options available
  • All fit the 12" Star Burner and the 24" Linear Burner
  • Lava coals/granules sold seperately (see Accessories)

Step 5:Burning Display (optional)

See Accessories for list of burning display options, including Volcanic Stones, Lava Coals and Granules, Fyre Glass, Fyre Gems, and Diamond Fyre Nuggets.

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