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Firebox 30 Fire Pits

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Firebox 30 is a simple, clean and modern fire pit. The modern firebox 30 elegantly frames its contents within it’s minimal walls, an understated piece, this square.

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Firebox 30 is a simple, clean and modern fire pit. It is adaptable fire pit with minimal detailing and a clean, structured presence. It can add a look of modernity and contemporary feel to any space. It stands at 15″ high – perfect to be paired with modern furniture when the minimal aesthetic is required.

When used on its own, Firebox 30 is neat and modern with a quiet aesthetic that emphasizes its contents and its thin, smooth, concrete walls. Change the feel of this fire pit by replacing the standard lava rock with a full set of fire stones. This symmetrical, contemporary fire pit can also be arranged in combinations to define or separate spaces.


Sizes: (l) x (w) x (h)

30" x 30" x 15" (762mm x 762mm x 381mm)


  • Choose from 10 integral colours


halvatn linentn portobellotn nutmegtn portlandtn
Halva Linen Portobello Nutmeg Portland
noritn arbutustn truffletn shitaketn cindertn
Nori Arbutus Truffle Shiitake Cinder


  • 3 fuel options: Natural Gas, Liquid Propane and Ethanol
Fuel Options Output
Natural Gas 73,500 (21 kW)
Propane 73,500 (21 kW)


  • 3 ignition types: Manual, Electronic and Adjustable Electronic
  • Manual (MLS)  –  Operates like a BBQ, turn the gas on and light with a lighter, recommended for residential applications, has an adjustable valve so you can adjust your flame height – ask about the additional option of a manual ignition with a “flame supervision” device
  • Electronic (AUTO)  –  Turn it on and off with a switch or timer, flame is not adjustable, must run power to the firepit. Ideal for public commercial spaces
  • Adjustable (ADJ AUTO)  –  Same as the electronic (above) but has an adjustable valve on the firepit to customize the flame height

Note: Extended warranty include with purchase of a Cover or Metal Tabletop.


Note: Extended warranty include with purchase of a Cover or Metal Tabletop.


 firebox cover thumbnail

Custom designed covers provide a tailored fit and clean lines. They protect your Fire and Water Features from the elements year round, extending their lives and maintaining their finish. They also prevent burners from becoming clogged with water or debris. Our covers are designed to protect from heat and cold and should be used whenever your feature is not in use. When you purchase, and use, one of our all-weather covers will extend the warranty on your purchase on the product with the addition of these covers.


 solus ipe 1 firebox

Adding a hardwood top to your fire pit adds to its visual appeal and extends it functionality, allowing it to be used as a full surface table when a fire is not appropriate and more space is required. Designed as refined updates of the classic picnic table, these tops feature simple, clean detailing that focuses on the beauty of the wood itself. Space between each plank keeps water and organic material from collecting below, while also providing visual interest. Each of our hardwood tops is built by hand to last.






River stones are visually compelling. Added, in place of lava rock, as a full surface topping they change the character of each fire pit. The repeating forms and varied tones of the stones provide an interesting, textured surface that stands in contrast to the smooth, seamless concrete of our vessels. 



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